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Blueshadow WiFi Range Extender 1200Mbps-Black

Dual Band 2.4G/5G Mini Wifi,1200M USB3.0 Wifi Adapter Wireless Mini Wifi Addapter Wireless Usb Wifi Dongle 1200ac Wireless Network Card Dongle with High Gain Antenna for Desktop Laptop PC


Product Details

  • 【HIGH SPEED STABLE SIGNAL BOOSTS】WiFi extender Delivering WiFi up to 300Mbps for 2.4G,867Mbps for 5G. which is ideal for web browsing, online gaming. wall-plug WiFi Repeater is small and discreet, easily blending into your home decor.
  • 【WIDE WI-FI COVERAGE】WiFi extender has high-powered amplifiers & 2 high-gain adjustable antennas for maximum WiFi coverage and penetration, boost receiving sensitivity and sending ability, expand any Wi-Fi to at 65ft.
  • 【QUICK & EASY SET UP】use you cellphone to connect the WiFi repeater"Blue shadow2G/5G",enter in the browser and into the setting interface,click the repeater mode,select the name of WiFi which you want to extend,enter password and click settings,it will be configured successfully after 5 seconds,then the blue light is on. Here is a quick setup video: 【https://rb.gy/trrvmq】
  • 【Find Ideal Extending Location with Just One Glimpse 】The smart signal indicator with varied colors helps you quickly figure out the connection status. When the signal light turns blue, it means the wifi extender can receive strong signal from your router in this place.when the signal light turns red,it means wifi extender receive weak signal.
  • 【EXCELLENT TECH SUPPORT】We provide 7x24h technical support. Besides, One-year warranty & Free replacement service are also available. If any service support please feel free to contact us at 【support@myblueshadow.com

                                       For installation information, please go to the support page.

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Customer questions & answers

Question: Does it have LAN input or output?

Answer: I think it can be LAN output. But it needs to caught signal from a router

Question: i want my entire home network on wpa2/aes. can wpa/tkip be disabled and only enable wpa2 personal?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is there 2 in the box or just 1

Answer: There is only one item into each box.

Question: I bought the nova mw6 (3 pk), which wall plug in extender would be most compatible and have ap mode so i may use to connect to a prewired cat6 ?


Nice idea, no competent component does it yet.

Question: Does this work with all routers? (I have a net gear)

Answer: Dear customer

Thanks for your interesting in our product. Certainly Blueshadow WiFi extender can work with all router, and it will have good compatibility.

Besides, This Wifi  booster is very easy to set up:it only takes your 8 seconds to connect your wifi repeater to the Internet.

Question: Will this plug into USA wall plugs and is this a repeater that can be used to boost wifi to a dead zone?

Answer: Yes, that's exactly how I use it. It basically will amplify your signal by taking a weak WiFi signal strength at the edge and repeating it on a new VLAN to extend the reach. And I live in NJ, so that's the U.S. (barely) LOL. I'm very happy with it. I also use it to provide a wired ethernet connection for my work VOIP phone, while my Tenda Router hangs off my FiOS modem. I'm an engineer in IT and my boss remarked how clear and seamless my video was over my Cisco phone, as well as using it over a Webex connection. see less

Question: Will this create a separate ssid (wifi name) from the one assigned to main router?

Answer: no, it will take your existing SSID and add _ext or _5gext. It does use the same pre-shared key as your main router. I do not know how it behaves with other authentication types.

Question: default security mode appears mixed wpa/wpa2. i want my entire home network only on wpa2/aes. how do i disable wpa and only enable wpa2?

Answer: I think you need to ask the manufacturer because I think in this device is not possible to sort both security features

Question: I have a tenda ac18 ac1900 wifi router. is the tenda a18 ac1200 wifi extender compatible with my router and is it the best choice for extending it?

Answer:Yes it is, my router is inside the extender is outside on a covered patio. And it gives me a signal outside for my security cameras now

Question: Will this work with my ring doorbell?

Answer: Yes it will if you follow the setup instructions.

Question: Can this plug into any wall mount or do I need to like get an adapter first to put it into the wall plug then the repeater onto the adapter?

Answer: Yes, it plugs straight into the wall

Question: What is the warranty on this product?

Answer: Dear customer, it is 12 Months

Other problems please feel free to contact us

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