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Cuka AC1200 Mesh Wi-Fi System Up to 5,500 sq. ft. Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices,WiFi Router/Extender Replacement, Anitivirus,Work with Alexa -3 pack


Product Details

  • A New Way to WiFi: Cuka Mesh technology gives you a better WiFi experience in all directions with faster WiFi speeds and strong WiFi signal to cover your whole home.
  • Better Coverage than traditional WiFi routers: Cuka M1200S three units work seamlessly to create a WiFi mesh network that can cover homes up to 5, 500 square feet. No dead zone anymore.
  • Seamless and Stable WiFi Mesh: Rather than wifi range extender that need multiple network names and passwords, allows you to enjoy seamless roaming throughout the house, with a single network name and password.
  • Incredibly fast AC1200 speeds makes the Cuka capable of providing connectivity for up to 100 devices.
  • With advanced Cuka Mesh Technology, units work together to form a unified network with a single network name. Devices automatically switch between Cuka as you move through your home for the fastest possible speeds
  • Setup is a breeze with the Blueshadow page( on your Android or iOS device. Turn on/off guest WiFi with Alexa voice commands.
  • Industry leading 2 year and 24/7 technical support
  • Connectivity Technology: Ethernet

                                       For installation information, please go to the support page.

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Customer questions & answers

Question: Is there a direct download link? Please post it for Windows 10

Answer: Please go back to the Download center, The link takes you to Google Drive with the option to download for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Question: will this work for a MacBook Pro from 2009? 

Answer: The wifi adapter work for Mac OS from verson 10.6 to 10.13

Question: Will this plug into and work on a playstation 4?

Answer: Truth is I don't know, but if you're looking at on line gaming with this, the latency would be horrible. Even if it would work, and it might. I wouldn't use it. If you can hook directly to your modem that best.

Question: Can I plug it into a power bank?

Answer: if the power bank is attached via a USB connection to the computer. I suggest that it be a USB 3 or USB C connection to allow for the speed.

Question: Is this antenna network card made in China?

Answer: yes, this antenna network card made in China,thanks

Question: I've been having problems with my wireless network adapter and I'm unable to connect to my wifi, can this antenna solve my problem?

Answer: Yes, it can, but we need to know what version of your computer is.

Wireless usb wifi adapter compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP, Mac OSX 10.8-10.14, Apple system MAC OSX10.15 should have a corresponding driver email us will send you(Not support Windows Vista,Linux and AP Mode,TV,Projector,Printer)

Question: Will this work with a dell wyse n07d?

Answer: As long as that has a usb port it should. If you don't have a cd disk drive you will need to download the app setup another way (i.e. download to another computer, put the setup file on a usb, then use the usb to download setup on that Dell)

Question: does it work in a linux system?

Answer: I have not personally installed one on a linux OS yet, but yes this should work with a linux based OS since it has a driver cd to load with it for installation.

 Question: Can this be connected to a printer to add it to a network?

Answer: The function of the wireless network card is mainly to receive WIFI signals

Question:Will this work with tv,projector,printer?

Answer: Not support Windows Vista,Linux and AP Mode,TV,Projector,Printer.

For other problems, please feel free to contact us              

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