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Blueshadow Bluetooth Wireless Network Interface Card 3000Mbps

PCIe Network Card AX 3000Mbps AX200 802.11AX 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz Wireless PCI Express Wi-Fi Adapters Dual Band Antenna for Windows 10 64-bit


Product Details

  • Wifi 6 Technology: Optimized the power consumption and coverage capabilities of the device, supports multi-user high-speed concurrency, and can show better performance in user-intensive scenarios, while bringing longer transmission distances and higher transmissions Rate, with low latency, low power consumption, high access count and high rate.
  • Intel AX200 Chip: New generation Intel AX200 chip is used in our pcie wifi wireless network card, it support 2. 4GHz/5. 8GHz dual band and the 5. 8GHz speed rate can reach 2400Mbps. It can work better to reach high speed with the router ( For example: TP-Link AX1500 /AX3000 WiFi 6 Router; Netgear AX1800/AX3000/AX6000/ax11000 WiFi 6 Router and so on ) that support AX and use 160MHz channel.
  • High Quality Heat Sink: Our pcie wireless network card has high quality heat sink, it can effectively dissipate the heat generated inside the network card when the wireless network card is operating, thereby maintaining the temperature and operation of the network card, and it can play a good protection role when running large games or ultra clear movies
  • Wi-Fi 6 Card: Only support OS Windows 10 64-bit for desktop; Upgrade your Wi Fi speeds up to 3000Mbps. Frequency 5. 8GHz up to 2400Mbps, Frequency 2. 4GHz up to 600Mbps. It is the best choice for desktop for online gaming and 4K Ultra HD video streaming. Backward Compatible with IEEE 802. 11 ac/b/g/n. Support WIFI 6 ROUTER , TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 AX3000, ASUS ROG GT-AX11000
  • Bluetooth 5. 0 Technology: Our Bluetooth use brand new 5. 0 technology that expand the range of 4 x Bluetooth signal, no need to worry the signal will be weak in the room and waiting long time for transport the large files, the new Bluetooth 5. 0 will solve this problem, and it can connect with the mouse, earphone, keyboard and other Bluetooth devices ( Note: you have to insert the power cable to the Motherboard 9-pin interface for Bluetooth function )

                                       For installation information, please go to the support page.

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Customer questions & answers

Question: does it come with a short (low profile) bracket? 

Answer: No, there are only WiFi 6, two antennas, one CD and the Instruction Manual in the package.

Question: Will this wifi card will work on an amd motherboard (asus b450m gaming plus)?

Answer: Yes any pc port with a usb insert And windows os

Question: Is there somewhere else I can download the driver? The link doesn’t work.

Answer: We have updated the driver link. Please feel free to download and contact us if you have any installation problems.

Question: will this work with an older dell laptop 

Answer: Yes if the OS is Xp or a later version

Question: Can the bluetooth and wifi connections be used at the same time? 

Answer: I connected the wires in the wrong spot or it’s just my computer but they should both work at the same time

Question: Would i be able to connect my ps4 to my airpods with this?

Answer: Unlikely, the PS4 would need to have support for this bluetooth module built-in.

Question: I don't have an optical drive so i can't use the cd to install the drivers. i'm on windows 10, but it didn't installed automatically. is there a site?

Answer: There is an online download address for the driver on the detail page of the product, you can download it or seek help from after-sales customer service.

Question: what is the distance and speed this adapter works for? 

Answer: For me it literally worked for 20-30 inches. Perfect for pairing and using.

Question: Will this work so I can plug into my laptop and connect my Bluetooth ear pods and listen to music? 

Answer:Yes, it works.

Question: Will the usb adapter work with a wireless keyboard with a logitech K520 keyboard? 

Answer: Yes, some PCs do not support the Bluetooth function. This product is designed to allow these PCs to support the Bluetooth function, so devices such as Bluetooth keyboards can be connected via Bluetooth.

Question: I know bn it says is compatible with android. Isbit just plug and play? Data transfer or music only?

Answer: Yes, this product supports Android system, and can transfer data and music, but you need to install the driver to use it. The driver download link is on the product details page.

Question: I installed this dongle on my pc and updated the driver but do not know how to set up. I do not have a mini cd on my computer and do not know where to

Answer: The regular CD drive will read it as long as the tray is laying flat.

Question: Could this be used with wireless Android auto? 

Answer: No. Windows and Mac.

Question: How do you install drivers on android? The link in description only has windows, mac and linux. Does this mean i need to root my android to work? 

Answer: android is just a subset of linux, so once you root your phone. in theory you could use it with your android device, however you would need a dongle regardless to adapt the standard usb 3.0 connection

Question: where is it made 

Answer: They are made in China.

Question: I want to play mp3's that are on my pc and listen on a bluetooth speaker. is that what this is for? 

Answer: Some PCs do not support the Bluetooth function. This product is to allow these PCs to support the Bluetooth function, so devices such as Bluetooth speakers can be connected via Bluetooth.

For other problems, please feel free to contact us              

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