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Blueshadow USB AC Wifi Adapter 1200Mbps | 5g USB Wifi Adapter

Dual Band 2.4G/5G Mini Wi-fi ac Wireless Network Card Dongle w/2x 5dBi External Antennas for Desktop Laptop PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, MAC


Product Details

  • ULTIMATE WIRELESS RANGE: Comes with 2 Pieces of Long Range WiFi Antennas of 5dBi, this WiFi Adapter Ensures Range Extended WiFi Connection and Superior Stability on Your Desktop, Laptop, PC
  • EXCELLENT WI-FI SPEED :- Upgrades PCs to 802.11ac with Ultra-fast AC1200 wireless adapter speed, You Can Get 867Mbps Wireless Speed on 5GHz WiFi Band or 300Mbps Speed on 2.42GHz WiFi Band.Performance to reduce freezing and lags for gaming online and seamless HD video streaming.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION : - With USB 3.0 socket, comparing with competing products, ours are easily connected to computers or other devices, as well as it’s 10 times faster than 2.0, and there is no any complicated operations to install.
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot : You can create a Hot spot with the Soft AP Feature if your computer is under wired Internet connection. You can boost Wi-Fi to your mobile devices from your computer.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY : Works with Every WiFi Routers; Support Windows 10~7/XP, MAC OS/ 10.4~10.15;ONLINE DRIVER DOWNLOAD LINK: 【https://bit.ly/2IXCf8i】 If you are not satisfied with usb Wifi Adapter, please feel free to contact us at 【support@myblueshadow.com】 , We will try our best to help you.

                                       For installation information, please go to the support page.

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Customer questions & answers

Question: Windows 10: I have seen different replies....Is it plug-and-play or not? 

Answer: Yes. I have Windows 10 and the adapter was quickly recognized and installed when I connected it to the computer. Hope this helps.

Question: If my network card is not working , will that work ? or i have to have a working network card ?

Answer:It will work, it's totally separate from the network card on the computer.

Question: I can’t get it to connect. I ran the setup and rebooted. No networks show up.

Answer:If the device is pluged in the hub and driver installed, there should be a signal icon on the right bottom of the screen. You click the icon and can see a row of wifis if there are wifis.

Question:I live in an apt complex with many other wifi signalsin between the router and this device would still cover @ least 1500 feet away?

Answer:Dear customer Thank you very much for your question Sorry, the current coverage of our products is 49-65ft.wish you happy life!

Question: Will this dongle speed up my current 80211.n system? (currently get only 65mbps).

Answer: 802.11n has a theoretical max speed of 300 Mbps, and with an advanced antenna system, may even reach 450 Mbps - well above the 65 Mbps you are presently getting. This product has its fastest speeds using 802.11 ac, (5GHz 867Mbps or 2.4GHz 300Mbps). In both n and ac, you are well below the max speed of that standard. You may improve your speed -IF- the bottleneck is the network card/adapter in your PC, -OR- the router you are using is rated at a much lower speed, -OR- your router is located far away or blocked by obstacles between it and your PC. You can try to use a friend's laptop or PC that you know runs at a faster 802.11n speed, in your home. If it also only gets 65 Mbps, try moving it around your home to see if it gets faster. If it doesn't, then either your router is slow or your Internet Service Provider is limiting you to the 65 Mbps max. I have this WiFi adapter on a laptop's USB3 port and I'm getting very close, sometimes faster, to the advertised speed.

Question: Can this be used with a wpa2-enterprise 802.1x port-authenticated wifi network (like eduroam), with eas-ttls and pap, with user & pwd specified?

Question: How do you find the mac address on this device?

Answer:It is something like this... (Win7) Go to Control Panel, Network and Internet. There should be an icon for the LAN device. Click on it. Then, in either 

Question: What version of USB does this adapter use? 3.0 ?

Answer: You should state this USB 3.0 requirement in the product description.I have a Dell desktop with 8 USB ports - ALL of which are USB 2.0.

Question: what would be an optimal location in a residense? 

Answer: The best location is no more than 000 square feet away from your router.

Question: Is there a direct download link? Please post it for Windows 10

Answer: Please go back to the download center to get the driver link

Question: will this work for a MacBook Pro from 2009?

Answer: The wifi adapter work for Mac OS from verson 10.6 to 10.13

For other problems, please feel free to contact us              

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