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About us

Blueshadow is one of the brand of Shenzhen Blueshadow  Develop Co,.Ltd, it begins in 2018. Blueshadow is a global leader in network technology who is specialized in designing, developing,manufacturing and selling network products with the best performance to the world.


At Blueshadow, we create products that help people experience the power of network technology and bring people the next generation tech to complement and elevate people’s smart lifestyle and this has been our mission.


Blueshadow products are renowned for their simplicity and easy of use. Products cover WiFi Mesh, PCIE/USB Adapter, Range Extender, Ethernet Adapter,Bluetooth Adapter etc,we are developing the new Router, WiFi IP camera. We will continue to enhance the technology that connects us to the people.

We are building distribution teams around the world.Welcome to join us !


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Eur:+86 13823302586

US:+ 86 13316958603

ME/Africa: +86 17722430089

Southeast Asia: +86 15521035818